Collection Statement

Images from the Other Side of the Veil!

Photographic Alchemist and Visionary Artist

Deborah Eidson

Clairvoyant, metaphysical mentor, energetic healer

My love affair began at a tender age, filling me with awe, and a primal urge to experience the essence and beauty of nature and share that with others. This group of photos are a small section of an amazing co-creative evolutionary project with nature, such a grand adventure of transformation; lifting the veils between worlds. Discovering Life is truly different than what we have been conditioned to believe. We are venturing into uncharted territory these days as we co-create our new world. Throughout my journey, a desire of mine has been to create a fusion of art and healing. I feel to accomplish this through my photography.

Curiosity and my love of adventure fuel my passion for exploring and interacting with the unseen realms. It might be a darting energy, a sparkle of light, a buzzing sound, change in temperature or some other subtle shift that alerts me to observe the energetic activity, and that is how I know it is time to take pictures.

The next part of the process, I call photographic alchemy, implemented by a technique called mirroring ---which is putting two halves together making symmetry or wholeness; nothing is added ---but itself. Through out history mirrors have been known as portals or doorways to other dimensions / worlds. A powerful tool used by mystics and seers. This process opens a portal and reveals worlds, many of these worlds we have heard stories about, but masked as myths and fairytales, or we have visited in our dreams.

Daily we walk through these many worlds, oblivious to their existence. The veils are thinning between dimensions, and the worlds of Beings that live within them are revealing themselves. Nature Spirits are all around us, calling us to come and play with them, we just have to remember how to see them! Realizing that I have traveled through these worlds all my life, always from the perspective of peeking around the door, rather than being invited in… Now through grace, I have been gifted to penetrate these veils of the unknown, illuminating these unseen realms and worlds to others through my photography.

The photos seemed to be images that have been painted from the imagination but remember they are real photographs!


de light full Deborah

Deborah Eidson
Visionary Artist &
Photographic Alchemist.

photos of nature Devas and light anomalies Deborah has a special knack to see the exotic in the mundane. Her ability to capture the essence of nature, through a unique perspective that shows the unknown in an known way.

Her photos capture a range of emotions from whimsical, charming and light to dark, intense and powerful qualities and character of her subject. Her quest to penetrate the veils of the unknown and illuminate the unseen realms is evident in her work and life.

Clairvoyant, intuitive healer and seer that can help to bridge consciousness between the realms of nature and humanity for discovering one’s role as a Co-creator. Author of “Vibrational Healing, Revealing the Essence of Nature through Aromatheraphy’s use of Essential Oils".

Those early years of exposure to the plant kingdom was training for her to learn the language that all Nature uses to communicate with us--Humans. She sais it is the art of listening with the body and observing the response felt when interacting with nature. She recognize the oils as teachers as well as light and energy consciousness known as Devic beings. Through this connection she has made a relationship with fairies, Elves, Nature Spirits, animlas and other Light Beings who speak to her for taking their photo.

Her photos are as unique as she is. Her mission and gift is to assist bringing about a new perspective upon reality. The photos are about revealing parts of the “Unseen Realms” to assist in that shift.

Photographs of Deva Spirits
photos of other worldly realms, mystical photos, vibrational energy photos