“Lady of the Lake”

It was one of those cold gray, windy days tinged with sleet and rain, not conducive to going out about. I tried to ignore it at first but the feeling was persistent, I was being summoned. I call those feelings dates with destiny. I was pretty sure right away where this one was coming from, one of the thrift stores on my circuit. I knew that something was calling me and it would be a wonderful gift but the possibility of that wasn’t as enticing as staying, I was finding it easy to get side-tracked; I finally ran out of excuses and made the trek, arriving a little bit before closing. I could feel it was still waiting but it wasn’t very obvious as I looked around.

I was getting a little frustrated and wondering why I had made this particular trip so far away from the house, noticing the weather getting worse, thinking it best to give up and start back home, that’s when I spied her high on a top shelf. With nothing to stand on and no one around to help, I tried jumping up a few times but she was just out of my reach, I went to track someone down to help which turned into an ordeal, and by the time I returned it was gone, my heart sank. Turning around to see who might have gotten her, oddly there were no other shoppers around. The clerk was rather impatient with me, shrugging his shoulders while lugging the ladder back to the storeroom. I walked around to look in everyone’s basket but to no avail. “What is this about” asking no one in particular.

Weary of the game of hide and seek, I surrendered to it being gone and headed for the door when something caught my attention a few isles away. I saw her as if rising out of a sea of pillows. I didn’t even stop to question how it was possible for that would have boggled my mind, and I knew better than to question magic, because that is a sure fire way to make it go away. I grabbed this special piece of magic and headed for the cashier as they announced that the store was closing. I wasn’t exactly sure who she was when I started the assemblage but she unfolded as the pieces came together.

image Standing back and taking a look at her made me giggle with great pleasure as it became clear what the whole journey was about in the store. She was no other than the High Priestess of the fabled Avalon, the “Lady of the Lake” also known as Vivian. It was about time you showed up is all I had to say to her with a wide grin on my face. She is one of my favorite characters from the myths of King Arthur.

My version of her story is that she was the Queen of the fairy folk, who were exiled once Christianity came to the region, banishing all evidence of there existence and magic. It was time that Humans were to take a different evolutionary path; “of reason”, which had no room for magic. So the fairies moved to another dimension sometimes seen as islands shrouded by mists reported from time to time by folk that stumble upon them. Fairy’s are making a comeback and seen more by people, who are open to the magic, wanting to co-create with nature again.

I started the base with a large beach-wood bowl; it reminds me of birch wood which magical staffs are made from. A top that is a brass bowl, with a unique pattern that gives the impression of waves, and then a tall tapered copper pot is placed, which is the metal of the Goddess. On the top is a retro aluminum flared bowl that carries the wave theme, making the base for the figurine to stand on which is encircled with a round wooden hoop to represent the harmony with nature.

The figurine it self is about a foot long, carved out of wood. She has very delicate features, a wide crack down her face almost separating the right and left sides, which I feel represent the split between the realms. The wood and carving have a very old weathered look which paint accentuates; it is easy to imagine it as a lost relic of some forgotten era. On top of her head is a silver candle holder with cut out stars to hold the light. The piece is about three feet tall and is jointed together with a rod.

De Light Full Deborah

Price $275.00