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If you liked the photos and would donate to the site it would be greatly appreciated. This will assist my project “Communication with the Other Realms”. Just use the paypal button below.

Custom Work

You can arrange for me to come and photograph your property to see what Beings of Light you have in residence. I would do readings for family members to see what karmic connections might need clearing. I also do clearing rituals, portal activation or closures, healing family member relations, land healing and balancing for pets, plants, animals, water ways, trees and spirits on your property. Pricing determined by scope of project.

I do long distance healings / readings for stressed or problematic property, Family karmic relationships, Spirit release, land and vortex clearing and many other types of readings and energetic healings. Check out my website www.streamsoflight.com on the top menu bar is a direct link. I charge $90 and hour.

If you would like to take a portal tour and see for yourself the energetic activity on my property or just coming to Austin, TX , I have a delightful vacation guesthouse for rent. www.lightseysagehouse.com on the top menu bar is a direct link. You could also book private mentoring sessions while staying or by phone. We would love for you to come and visit us at Blue Turtle Moon Studios in Austin, TX

All the photos are for sale. The photographs come in a variety of sizes printed on high quality photo paper. Some are on matte, semi-gloss or glossy. I can also print them on canvas that is stretched and wrapped to give it that painted look, and texture.

The sizes are:
8.5” x 11”
11” x 17”
13” x 19”

Call for pricing and available sizes.

Thank you so much for looking at the photos and would love your feed-back just use my contact form on the top menu a direct link to e-mail me.


From Blue Turtle Moon Studios

and De Light Full Deborah!

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