Jinn Photo Gallery

I call these the Jinn’s because they have a Genie type of energy to them. I think they are very fun loving energies that reflect the Jinn archetype we are familiar with in mythology. The photos all have the same recurring symbols in them, though they were taken in different locations.

mystical photos, vibrational energy photos, intra dimensional photos
Image 11-1
Honey Dripper Genie.

magical worlds, mystical worlds, subtle realms, spiritual realms
Image 11-2
Mirror of Honey Dripper.

portals to other worlds, Angel portals
Image 11-3
Honey Dripper at the creek.

Light consciousness, Higher frequencies, higher vibration, light codes, DNA codes, Akashic records, Labyrinth
Image 11-4
Ginie Thumbs.

photos of fairy beings,Sprites, crystal Deva’s, Plant medicine, Elementals
Image 11-5
Genie thumbs mirrored.

magical realms, Tuatha De Danann, Sidhe, little people, Shiny Ones, Mermaids, Mer People, real fairy photos
Image 11-6
Dragon Jinn.

Gnomes, Goblins, giants, Ghosts, Trolls, Hobbits, mythological creatures, middle earth, inner earth beings
Image 11-7
Creek Jinn.

seer, shape shifting, magical wizards, Druids, Merlin
Image 11-8
Genie Reflection.

Vibrational Healing, Clairvoyant Mystic seer oracle, 
clairvoyant Deborah Eidson photographer
Image 11-9
Genie Portal.

Gremlins, Gnomes, Goblins, giants, Ghosts
Image 11-10
Genie of Light.

Pegasus, Pan, Fauns, unicorns, Centaurs, satyrs, nymphs, Unicorns, Winged Horses
Image 11-11
Genie coming out of bottle.

parallel dimensions, portals, doorways to other dimensions, portal windows
Image 11-12
Classic Genie Pose.

parallel dimensions, dimensional shift, multiple time dimensions, higher dimensions, hyper-dimensions, string theory, time travel, time-warps
Image 11-13
Tree Genie.

Star gates, Star Visitors, Light Beings
Image 11-14
Water Genie.

celestial light beings, light orbs, spirit orbs, photos of diamond orbs
Image 11-15
Tree Root Genie.

Deborah Eidson photographic alchemy