Indigenous Spirits Photo Gallery

Indigenous People around the world hold the seeds of memory for Earth harmony and earth wisdom. Their art, rituals and stories are encoded seeds of Earth magic healing.

They act as Elders, Ancestral Guides to restore balance and wholeness to our lives. There is much to gain from their wisdom for living in harmony with Nature.

It is time to listen to their secrets to heal our Mother Earth!
Aboriginal’s, Toltec mystic, Indigenous peoples, seer, shape shifting, magical wizards, Druids, Merlin
Image 12-1

Ascended masters, El Mora, Spiritual Hierarchy, Great White Brotherhood
Image 12-2
Aboriginal again see pattern in clothing.

Light ships, sun boats, orbs
Image 12-3
Energy of didgeridoo sound.

Atlan, Atlantis, Atlantean, Egyptians, Ancient races, Egyptian’s, Sphinx, cat people
Image 12-4
Aboriginal with group of Roos.

Anunnaki, Isis, Hathors, Goddess Sophia, Hathors
Image 12-5
Kangaroo Energy

White Buffalo woman, Turtle Island, Kachina, Blue Kachina, Hopi Prophesies
Image 12-6

Shaman, shape shifting, Elders, Peru, Machu Pichu, Paca Mama, Mayan calendar, 2012
Image 12-7
This reminds me of the figure in shadows of the previous.

Hybornea, Watchatova, People of Mu, Lemurian,  language of light
Image 12-8
Reminds me of the headdress of what is reflected in the shadows.

Egyptians, Ancient races, Egyptian’s, Sphinx, cat people, Sehkmet, Pharaoh’s;
Image 12-9
The overall feel of the Shaman position.

wayshowers, lightworkers, spiritual wisdom, Lemurian, star visitors
Image 12-10
Profile of Indian Head and head-dress.

Ascension, light bodies, higher frequency, lightworkers
Image 12-11
Reflection of Native American Indian.

Toltec mystic, Indigenous peoples, seer, shape shifting energy photos
Image 12-12
Kachina Dancer,
notice: emblem on amulet, turtles off antennae.

Kachina, Blue Kachina
Image 12-13
Reflection of Kachina, notice same amulet.

magical wizards, Druids, Merlin
Image 12-14
Kachina pattern is in these mirrored lights.

Great White Brotherhood, Kumara, Sanat Kumara, messengers of light, mystic seers
Image 12-15
Feels like a Kachina head-dress.

clairvoyant Deborah Eidson photographer and energetic healer writer author Vibrational Aromatherapy