Ancients Photo Gallery

I call this collection of Ancients or Ancestors from Lemurian, Atlantis, Egyptian, Cat magic, Lyrian Visitors, Tibet, Ancient founders. Female spirit knows secrets held in wait for time to change. That time is upon us.
Space Aliens, UFO craft, Pleiades, Orion, Lyrian’s, Antares, Seven Sisters, Space brothers, Star seed, COUNCIL OF THE PLEIADES, Sirius, Dog star
Image 13-1
Lemurian Princess

visionary art, visionary art photography, surreal photos, mirror photos paranormal phenomena photos, orb photos
Image 13-2
Lemurian Princess Mirror Back of Dress.

paranormal photography metaphysical photos, angel photography, Photographs of Deva Spirits Photos of nature, Nature Kingdom, Mother Nature
Image 13-3
Goddess Dance.

Ectoplasm, Electro Magnetic Energy, orgone energy, plasma balls, rods, serpent rods, orgone balls, blue orbs
Image 13-4
Egyptian Goddess.

parallel dimensions, portals, doorways to other dimensions, portal windows, planes of existence, holographic universe, holographic planes, vortex’s
Image 13-5
Egyptian Goddess Pharoah.

ET’S, Andromeda, Star gates, Star Visitors, Light Beings, Galactic Space Command, Ashtar Command
Image 13-6
Cat Wisdom Magic of Lyra.

Akashic records, Labyrinth, SACRED GEOMETRY, Music of the Spheres, crop circles
Image 13-7
Cat Eyes of Lyra.

fairy realms, Fairy Queens, fairy planes, photos of fairy beings
Image 13-8
Goddess Magic.

Goddess, Gaia, Mother Earth, Terra, Mother Nature
Image 13-9
Hathors Magic Know.

Mythological Goddesses, Goddess archetype, Goddesses
Image 13-10
Secrets Refect.

Light ships, sun boats, orbs
Image 13-11
Cat Dryad.

Anunnaki, Isis, Hathors, Goddess Sophia, Hathors
Image 13-12
Ancient Founder.

Egyptians, Ancient races, Egyptian’s, Sphinx, cat people, Sehkmet, Pharaoh’s
Image 13-13
The Tibetian.

Shambhala, shamanic journeys, Tibet, Buddha, LANTO
Image 13-14
Magic Symbol Glow.

Nagual, Phoenix, Serpent
Image 13-15
Chariot Go Forth.

clairvoyant photos of spirit world, Blueturtlemoonstudios Austin TX