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This was the first one that I recognized in other pictures taken at different times. I would notice the pattern or similarity that all have with one and another. This particular Being wears something that looks like sunglasses. I have read that Goblins also wear sunglasses. Sometimes I think this is a star visitor and not a nature spirit, but it also feels earthy too. I feel it's laughter at times lightening my heart.

Image 1 is the energy it arrives in and Image 2 is mirrored photo. You can see what looks like a native American with his lion cloth and out stretched arms and muscular chest, he looks like he is ready for flight. I feel he might have a key for slipping through time. Check the bottom of the image and what might be a space port and also back up and see the over all image. This is one of my favorite images.
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Image 14-1
Mirrored photo of 2

Star Visitor, Goblin, Spirit Ancestor, Ghost photos
Image 14-2
Original of photo 1

orb lights, celestial light beings, light orbs, spirit orbs, diamond orbs, Ascension, orbs, ghosts, energy anomalies, plasma, Ectoplasm, Electro Magnetic Energy
Image 14-3
Recognized same energy on another night and place.

hyper-dimensions, multiple time dimensions, string theory, time travel, time-warps, Black Holes, language of light, light codes, DNA codes
Image 14-4
Here again at the Springs

energy anomalies, plasma, Ectoplasm
Image 14-5
Has same sunglass but feels female.

seven sisters star, Pleiadians, Arcturians, wayshowers, light servers, lightworkers
Image 14-6
Same glasses but in light body form.

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Image 14-7
Fire Deva Energy but similar to above.

Dragon, Dragon Realms, Dragon Photos, Dragon Dimensions
Image 14-8
A little fire Sprite but related to above.

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Image 14-9
Here again at the Springs underwater.

Nature Spirits, Nature Deva's, mirror of nature realms, Devas,  Beings from inner Earth,  Terra, Plant spirits, light spirits
Image 14-10
Mayan Sprite? Look at green tube.

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Image 14-11
Mirrored of Mayan?

Egyptians, Ancient races, Light ships, sun boats, Marfa Lights, Higher frequencies, higher vibration
Image 14-12
The light in front of the Mayan, taken another day.

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Image 14-13
Looked like head dress of the Mayan.

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Image 14-14
Mayan Gnome at the Springs

Nature Kingdom, Mother Nature, Nature spirit photography, dimensional photos,  mystical photos, vibrational energy photos
Image 14-15
Looked like the emblem on the 1st mirror Mayan.

Nature Spirit Photographer Deborah Eidson