Orbs & Star Visitor Photo Gallery

Here are some different types of Orbs and what I call Star Visitors. These photos were taken when the light source was at an odd angle and energetic activity was signaling me to take photographs. I often see with my naked eye blue and purple balls of light swirling around in the sky. I see them before I take the photos so I know this is not a camera phenomena. Another strange occurrence at the time is lentricular clouds which are not common in Austin, TX. I don’t know if these are truly Star Visitors but it is a plausible explanation.

The pictures over water were taken at Barton Springs, Austin TX and the others where taken in around my yard in Austin TX.

orb lights, celestial light beings
Image 15-1
My Labyrinth

Mirror Universes, parallel dimensions, parallel universes
Image 15-2
Look at the Nome at the bottom!

, ghosts, energy anomalies, plasma, Ectoplasm, Electro Magnetic Energy
Image 15-3
He almost ran me over one night!

Spirit world, other worldly realms, Unseen Realms
Image 15-4
Blue Light Being

ET’s, UFO’s, Star People, Star Beings
Image 15-5
A Star Visitor?

visitors from other planets, star seeds, Sirius, Pleiades, Archturus
Image 15-6
Here is the star vistor again in the pool.

Andromeda, Galactic space fleet, Space Visitors, Light Beings, Aliens, ET's
Image 15-7
Blue Alien or Star Visitor?

Blue Ray, Merkaba, visitors from other planets, star seeds, Sirius, Pleiades, Archturus, Andromeda
Image 15-8
Star Visitor in his UFO?

Real Photographs of Star Visitors, Alien light forms, seven sisters star, Pleiadians, Arcturians, wayshowers
Image 15-9
Blue Orbs, orgone energy, Plasma balls?

surreal photos, paranormal phenomena photos, orb photos, Photos of spirit world, mirror photos, orb photography, Photographs of unseen realms
Image 15-10
Red orbs and same day of the above.

Photographs of unseen realms, orb lights, celestial light beings, light orbs, spirit orbs, diamond orbs, Ascension, orbs, ghosts, energy anomalies, plasma,  photos of diamond orbs, window orbs
Image 15-11
Diamond orbs.

Andromeda, Star gates, Star Visitors, Light Beings, Galactic Space Command, Ashtar Command, Galactic Federation
Image 15-12
Diamond orbs mirrored what looks like an Angel.

Ectoplasm, Electro Magnetic Energy, orgone energy, plasma balls, rods, serpent rods, orgone balls, blue orbs
Image 15-13
Blue orgone or plasma balls orbs.

photos of ET's, UFO's, Star Visitors, paranormal phenomena photos
Image 15-14
Blue plasma or orgone balls mirrored.

Space Aliens, UFO craft, Pleiades, Orion, Lyrian’s, Antares, Seven Sisters, Space brothers, Star seeds
Image 15-15
Portal or tube.

portal to other realms and dimensions, portals and gateways
Image 15-16
Mirrored previous to check out what might be in tube.

Shiny Ones, Mermaids, Mer People, real fairy photos, Beings from inner Earth, creek fairy
Image 15-17
Diamond orb? A portal opened after this photo.

Guardian Angels, ARCHANGEL, Lightbearers, lightworkers
Image 15-18
Green orb at night around my labyrinth.

magical realms, Tuatha De Danann, Sidhe, little people, Shiny Ones, real fairy photos
Image 15-19
Orbs at night and fast moving orbs.

higher vibration, light codes, DNA codes
Image 15-20
More orbs at night.

Deborah Eidson photographer and energetic healer writer author Vibrational Aromatherapy
Image 15-21
Underwater Orbs.

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