UFO Lights

What is interesting about these pictures is that I could see the blue and green orb balls with my naked eyes so I know they are not lens flare. Not all of my pictures for any of the nights taken would have the orb balls either so that also proved that it wasn't a lens flare but some other anomalies. The photos with the ball orbs where taken usually around the full moon but on different months. When ever there are the Blue Ball Orbs around you can guarantee that there was allot of energetic activity going on also. One night with the blue Ball Orbs there was a peculiar smell in the air. The best way I can describe it as a white ash electrical ion smell.

Another peculiar thing is that many of my pictures on those nights would have a ropey twisted band type of light trail, this is said to be electromagnetic energy. It has been said that allot of those pictures are with the camera strap in them but that is not true about my pictures, especially when I am shooting up in the sky the camera strap would fall down around my wrist not up on the camera lens, if it was on the lens I would see it before I snapped the photo.

I take pictures when I see the energy moving around and often will notice the lines of energy and that is what I am focusing on. I have had other people around watching the view finder as I take a picture and they don't see what I am seeing until the picture is taken and we review it. I have many pictures with a ropey twisted light band in them and know they are not of my camera wrist band. I have a peculiar instance of the ropey light that I show on my insights page.
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Image 16-1
Blue Orb Ball

Star Visitor, Goblin, Spirit Ancestor, Ghost photos
Image 16-2
Blue Orb Ball

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Image 16-3
4 or 5 Blue Balls all same night.

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Image 16-4
Blue Disk different night.

energy anomalies, plasma, Ectoplasm
Image 16-5
Blue Disk same night as previous.

seven sisters star, Pleiadians, Arcturians, wayshowers, light servers, lightworkers
Image 16-6
Moon Light with orbs.

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Image 16-7
Moon with crystal portal tube and green orb ball.

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Image 16-8
Mirrored above to see what was in portal.

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Image 16-9
Full Moon with green orb same night later.

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Image 16-10
Later that night the Green Orb Balls were multiplying and moving around fast, you can almost see them behind the clouds.

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Image 16-11
This Green Orb Ball has a disk shape to it, also notice the white energy around them.

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Image 16-12
This was a different night but it has the white energy anomalies.

parallel dimensions, portals, doorways to other dimensions, portal windows, planes of existence, holographic universe, holographic planes, vortex’s
Image 16-13
This was another night with the white energy anomalies this tinme I mirrored it.

portals to other worlds, portal to other realms and dimensions, portals and gateways, other dimensions, portals, photos of other worldly realms
Image 16-14
A strange full moon night, some of the clouds where really black.

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Image 16-15
This is the mirrored version of the pervious picture.

Nature Spirit Photographer Deborah Eidson