Buddha Photo Gallery

These photos are of the Buddha image reflected in trees, rocks, water and light. Inspiration and reflection helps us go within to find our own connection to source. Through are connection to source we can bring forth more light or enlightenment to the planet. This will lead us to lift the darkness from our hearts which is evident and playing out in the world at large today. We have only us to blame for the circumstances in the world today. This is our world and do we want it to be colored with beauty and encouragement then we need to see it and feel it to be.

Nature Kingdom, Beings from inner Earth, Gaia, Terra, Plant spirits, light spirits, light realms, nature gate, Photos or unseen realms, photos of other worldly realms, intra dimensional photos, mirror portals
Image 2-1
Buddha Hands

Nature Kingdom, Beings from inner Earth
Image 2-2
Buddha Pose

Light consciousness, Higher frequencies, higher vibration, Ascension, orbs
Image 2-3
Elvis Buddha

gates, Star Visitors, Light Beings, Galactic Space Command, Ashtar
Image 2-4
Buddha Light

Goddess energy, Earth wisdom Divine feminine
Image 2-5
Peach Blossom Buddha

Nature Spirits, Devas, Plant spirits, light  spirits
Image 2-6
Buddha Reflecting in Water

Hybornea, Watchatova, People of Mu, Lemurian, Lemuria
Image 2-7
5 Buddhas of Light

Shambhala, shamanic journeys, Tibet, Buddha, LANTO
Image 2-8
Buddha Angel

Deborah Eidson photographic alchemy, visionary art, mystic artist, alchemist
Image 2-9
Rock Buddha

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