Fairy Photo Gallery

In these photos some have been mirrored while others are not. It is easy to tell them apart. Believe it or not, but Fairy’s can be seen in this dimension and that’s why some are not mirrored, while some are in other dimensions that’s why I have mirrored them for all to see.

Fairy’s have a delightful sense of humor and love for us to come and play with them. They are all around and have lots to teach us.

Learn their language and they will teach you their magic!

Fairy Kingdom, Fairy Princess, magical realms, 
Tuatha De Danann, Sidhe, little people
Image 3-1
Fairy Prince

Elf photos, Brownies, Leprechaun’s, Pixie's, Elves, Gremlins, Gnomes, Goblins
Image 3-2
Cricket Fairy

paranormal photography, metaphysical photos, angel photography, Photographs of Deva Spirits
Image 3-3
Night Fairy

art photography, surreal photos, mirror photos
Image 3-4
Pond Fairy

phenomena photos, orb photos
Image 3-5
Fairy Gate

portal to other realms and dimensions
Image 3-6
Fairy Portal

Image 3-7
Garden Fairy

Music of the Spheres, crop circles, language of light
Image 3-8
Fairy Queen and King

fairy realms, Fairy Queens, photos of fairy beings
Image 3-9
Fairy and Unicorn

clairvoyant Deborah Eidson photographer