Spirits Playing Photo Gallery
Water Spirits playing a game in the pool. The whimsical nature of Nature Spirits is photographed in this collection of reflections in the pool water at night.

Too often we forget to lighten up. In our tenseness or restriction we lose touch with source often the cause is due to our obsession with worry. Learning to relax and play gets us in touch with our true nature and source.

It is through a relaxed state that all is answered and solutions to those insurmountable problems can be found. Learning to live life without worry we can live more in the heart and that is when we can live in the moment where it all is. Living in our head only leads to illusion that causes separation and denial of our truth. Living life in our hearts and seeing the love in everything will surely lead us to the promised land of golden honey light.

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Game Day!

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Leveling The Field.

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Get ready, Set, Gooooooo!

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The referee comes to the field.

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Puck In Play!

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Pass Off!

Shaman, shape shifting, Elders, Peru, Machu Pichu, Paca Mama, Toletec, Mayans, Druids
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Face Off!

Elven Bloodline, Elf realms, Elf photos, Elves, Brownies, Lepercaun's, Pixie's, Gnomes, nomes
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Slap Shot!

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Half Time.

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