Dancing Light Photo Gallery

Collection of photos taken at night. These images show the whimsical nature of Spirits. The light anomalies or Musical Devas take on the form of dancers, musicians, and music notes. Some of the pictures have been mirrored and others not.

Music is a language that can open our hearts. Sound frequencies manifest the physical realm. We are moving our awareness from the light realms to understanding the power of sound. Frequencies are the keys to unlocking the secrets of life. The can heal, inspire, cause miracles or great destruction depending up its use. Our unconscious sound pollution is causing distortion to many realms and it is our job to correct that.

visionary art photography, surreal photos, mirror photos
Image 6-1
Light Harp

orb lights, celestial light beings, light orbs, spirit orbs, photos of diamond orbs
Image 6-2
Jazz Band

subtle realms, spiritual realms,  
mythological realms, magical realms
Image 6-3
Dancing the Tango

Photographs of Deva Spirits
Image 6-4
Maestro of Light

paranormal phenomena photos, orb photos
Image 6-5
Cha Cha Dancer's

ET’S, Andromeda, Star gates, Star Visitors, Light Beings
Image 6-6
Guitar Man

Music of the Spheres, crop circles, language of light
Image 6-7
Hip Hopping

Guardian Angels, ARCHANGEL, Lightbearers, lightworkers
Image 6-8
Swing Dance

UFO craft, Pleiades, Orion, ET’S, Andromeda, Star gates, Star Visitors, Light Beings, Galactic Space Command, Ashtar
Image 6-9

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