Light Being’s Photo Gallery

I call these Light Beings the Zippers or Streakers because they move around like streaks of light. This collection is of different groups of Light Being’s taken on many different occasions. This is not a rarity it is all around us but in what we define as the Unseen Realm. The veils are becoming very thin and it is easier to spot them now.

What I find with my interaction with them is the feeling of heart. What I mean by that is they put a smile on my face and joy in my heart whenever they are around. Looking at the images you can almost see expression through the feeling and thoughts they conjure up in your heart and head. So please enjoy!
Beings of light, Portal biengs
Image 9-1
Light Jumpers

vortex of energy
Image 9-2
Light Beings.

Multidimensional Beings and nature spirits
Image 9-3
Dancing on the edge of creation.

traveling the light currents
Image 9-4
Traveling the light currents.

inter dimensional portal of light frequencies
Image 9-5
Inter dimensional light travelers.

light frequencies and language of light
Image 9-6
Wizard of Light.

Inter dimensional light travelers
Image 9-7
Swimming in the light.

CHERUBIM, Angels, Guardian Angels, ARCHANGEL, Lightbearers, lightworkers
Image 9-8
Female Light Streaker.

real fairy photos, flower fairies, 
Beings from inner Earth
Image 9-9
Light Streakers on a mission.

Deborah Eidson’s magical photo alchemy