Is Seeing Believing?

Photos of Spirits, Portals, Orbs and UFO's Time is quickening, affecting all realities and it is becoming undeniable that there is more to life than what we have been taught to know.

Daily we walk through these many worlds, oblivious to their existence.

The veils are thinning between the dimensions and revealing the unseen realms of Beings that live within them.

These energies can help you, mess with your head, amuse you, and / or harm you.

There impact on you will depend how awaken you are and willing to take responsibility for your power, thoughts, actions and deeds.

Those who are attached to denser vibrational energy such as dogma, beliefs, and inflexibility could encounter great distress and trauma in their battle to defend those old dense energy paradigms.

Is it possible that all the concerns we busy ourselves with are only illusions we create to distract us from the truth of our unlimited potential.

There is so much more going on around us that we are not perceiving simply because, we are unaware of the possibility of its existence.

Learning how to pay attention, suspend expectations of how things should be, and flow with possibility, then all will be revealed and answered.

Once we can accept and take responsibility that our thoughts and feelings are creating reality around us every moment we can co-create a new world of filled with radiant beauty and abundance, therefore never lack again.

We have the power to create a vastly different world than what we have known through history, come into harmony and balance, co-create with the lementals to transform all pollution and suffering from the planet. Restoring Sacredness, honor, respect and integrity back onto the planet will only enhance our human experience.

So why do we find that so difficult?

Do You Believe?

Portals to other dimensions The Questions The Photos Ask....?

If you were certain of the possibility of other forms of life you could interact with how would that change your life?

If you could experience these other Beings and travel to other dimensions what would that mean to you?

Would the world as you know it and how you perceive it drastically change with knowledge of experiencing the reality of these other realms?

Would that change your perception about the laws of the universe as they have been taught to you?

Would that mean everything you busy yourself with on a daily basis is just a distraction of limitation from fulfilling your full unlimited potential?

Is that more than you are willing to perceive as truth?

Are you ready to make the shift into living in a higher state of conscious awareness?

Are you ready to take the adventure into the unknown?

What will it take to wake us up, and begin living lives we truly want to create and enjoy living? For most it requires more than hope, though a vision or glimpse into greater possibility might be of some help.

Thank you for pondering on the possibility...

de light full Deborah

communicating with angels, dragons, fairy's, elf, nature spirits