“The Kiss”

Soul mate twin flame It was the first spring gathering of the tribe, hippies that is, a few hundred had come to camp out along the lake for celebration.

It was an annual event with huge pot luck, fire dancers, and several bands that played till dawn.

I had danced all night and crawled into my tent in exhaustion and into a deep sleep.

I woke to the sound of the howling wind and an incredible thirst.
Reaching for my water cup, I was startled or should say shocked to see a frog in my cup.

My first thought was “who did I kiss last night?” “Oh My, Oh my”! My thirst was forgotten by the need to check who was missing.

Most of my life had labored under the metaphor that if you kiss enough frogs one will turn into a prince. Love was just a numbers game for me than. I can say that I had several Princes in my life but as with all illusions they eventually turned back to frogs. At first the spell would only last for years and years, but it seemed to be wearing off faster and these days and now just in a night. That was not acceptable! So it was time to create a new metaphor in my life.

My next metaphor would be that; I was sleeping beauty and a man would have to want me enough to come through the thorny rose bushes and give me the magical kiss that would awaken me. Yeah that worked. In hindsight, to imagine that I could ever return to unconsciousness is really hilarious to me. But one did make it through and it was a fairy tale for some time. I had forgotten all about my metaphor till I began to notice that he was the one going back into the unconscious. “Oh no, this will not do!” But that intention was what the relationship created from and was still vibrating. The moral of this story is to be very careful of what it is you wish / desire for! At a dilemma of what to do; my first thought was to let him change back to the frog, but he never was one so that was out.

My next option was to change the metaphor, otherwise re-invented our story. Wanting to create an intention with a foundation that was strong and honoring of each. “The Kiss” was created to fashion that change in our relationship. I found a beautiful resin statue of a couple passionately kissing to use as a symbol of our love. I built up a pedestal for it to sit on, the base a ruffled copper cake pan, tin flower pot decorated with raised grape leaves and scrolls designs, a silver plate edged with decorative flowers and shells, a brass bowl with cut out hearts, to be topped with the a figurine of a man and women embracing each other. It is all fused together with a rod that keeps it strong and together.

This time both were conscious, no magical enchantment needed, on the pedestal together. The decoration has a frilly feeling like waves of love, and the grape leaves symbolizing the fruit of ones love. The plate is what each brings to the table. The hearts symbolize the radiant love energy two people can create. The figurine embraced in a tender kiss symbolizes the sacred love that can come from the union of man and woman.

De Light Full Deborah

Price: $350.00