I was treasure hunting that day, garage sailing. Digging through a box of brick-a-brick, when finding the rejected figurine, I fished her out and held her up to the light. Looking her over I couldn’t help but grin ear to ear. A real beauty she was a three inch black ceramic goddess figurine. You could see the laughter from her wide toothy smile, her eyes twinkle with mirth, and feel the Divine Feminine energy exuding from her big voluptuous round body; it was like looking in a mirror.

She was a full figured goddess, stark naked with only a smile, and lei winding around her big belly. She was modeled in the old school fashion, when goddesses were big and round, and worth their weight in gold, the value of that body type is not seen as a source of wealth any more, but rather as something to be hidden away, so not to repulse anyone.

Uzume goddess of laughter art sculpture She had an aura of uninhibited confidence and joyous laughter. Her face tilted up as if looking at me, daring me to accept myself in her. Wishing I could feel as free with my body, and flaunt it like she was. I wanted to feel as sexy jiggling my big round belly and big luscious breasts. The memory of a time when I felt hot and sassy flashed in my mind simultaneously with my mother’s voice---“look how fat you have become, I never looked that way when I was your age.”

I grew up with a lot of body shame instilled in me from a mother who was always comparing me to herself with critical and condescending remarks. I had worked for years getting her out of my mind, but today day she was back. I could hear her and felt myself unconsciously shrink to being the little girl cringing in repulsion towards her body, as if something was wrong with it.

Looking back at the figurine I could see there was no shame in her game and wondered why I had. I was so grateful to have found this voluptuous goddess, I recognized it as a perfect piece of magic to learn to love my body fully, and be at ease with it, flaws and all. Her laughing smile and voluptuous body enchanted me, coming alive in my hand as I saw myself with love in her eyes.

I suddenly remembered how wonderful it felt to effortlessly float in water. So what if my knees knocked my breast they were perfect flotation devices, an image of me floating naked in the pool became hilariously funny. A vibration pulsed down my arm and through my body, like an electric current tickling me to laugh out loud. Once I started to laugh, I kept on laughing. My kundalini energy erupt like a volcano up my body’s core the more I laughed at myself. I felt a heat like lava flow through my veins, burning all my shame away, dissolving all physical inhibitions and hang-ups, as my body shook in hysterical laughter. I laugh so hard I peed my pants, my mouth was hurting from grinning so long, and my ribs ached as I gasped for air between waves of uncontrollable laughter.

I could feel an intense healing energy that was opening and freeing my sexual creative power. I sensed a power of grace wash over me, allowing me to truly and honestly accept myself and body as I am. I realized in that moment people only perceive you as you perceive yourself. What a wonderful gift and blessing she had given me.

With that experience in mind I fashioned Uzume the Oceanic Goddess of laughter as a symbol to remind me to love myself fully! The figurine Uzume to sits upon a throne of flowers, I did this by using a painted metal cup that was appropriately painted by my mother, and it stands atop a smooth walnut bowl, which is over a brass pot decorated with spokes that extend around the base to create a feel of dancing rays of energy going around her. This is all a screwed together by a rod.

De light Full Deborah

Price: $275.00