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Images from the Otherside of the Veil!

The photos have been reduced to web quality and the printed photos are much clearer. Some of the photos have had only the contrast or shadows changed to better see the image. While others have been mirrored that is what I call Photo Alchemy.

Photo alchemy is mirroring the images, a process of adding the other side of a photo to the photo. Nothing else is added – but it’s self. This creates symmetry / wholeness in the photo image. Historically mirrors are doorways / portals to other-worldly realms. This has been a powerful tool used by mystics and seers alike. The photos are about what is standing in that portal.

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All photos are copyrighted by Deborah Eidson!


Gallery One
Goddess Collection


Gallery Two
Buddha Collection


Gallery Three
Fairy Collection

Gallery Four
Spirits Playing


Gallery Five
Tree Cathedral Collection


Gallery Six
Dancing Light Collection

Gallery Seven
Angel Collection


Gallery Eight
Dragon Collection


Gallery Nine
Light Beings Collection
(Streakers or Zippers)

Gallery Ten
Portal Collection


Gallery Eleven
Jinn Collection.


Gallery Twelve
Indigenous Spirit Collection.

Gallery Thirteen
Ancients Collection.


Gallery Fourteen
Mayan, Star Visitor Collection.


Gallery Fifteen
Orbs & Star Visitor Collection.

Gallery Sixteen
UFO Lights Collection.


Gallery Seventeen
Light Encodements Collection.


Gallery Eighteen
Elves and Gnomes Collection.

Photos of spirit world, orb photography, Photographs of unseen realms